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It was in my bucket list to create a scholarship/leadership award. It was in my mind about 4 years ago. I believe in the power of giving back and philanthropy is crucial in today’s world. But, procrastination is the devil. It is the most toxic force on the planet especially if you are in your 20’s like me. Procrastination is ruinous. Steven Pressfield rightly said its worse than erectile dysfunction. We believe we have YEARS left in us and we tend to procrastinate a lot, A LOT. I was in the same boat, kept on procrastinating and was never able to put a check mark on my list. We need to take action, my friends. Otherwise, the devil will bury you. This year (2016), I did it and I am sooooo happy with my decision. I have created my own leadership award – “Urgen Kuyee Leadership Award”. This award is worth $1000.00 and will be given to a full time Seneca College student annually. However, to be eligible for this award, the student’s GPA should be LESS than 3.3 (I graduated with a 3.3 in case you are wondering why 3.3). Too many students are obsessed with their GPA and fail to develop other critical skills. Leadership skills, positive attitude, likeability factor and people skills are 1000* more important than your GPA. Don’t let anyone tell otherwise. You can apply here.

Me and the very first recipient of Urgen Kuyee Leadership Award, Johanna Ruth Gonzales. 2016-2017
Johanna with David Agnew, president of Seneca College.
Harprit Jodhka, Urgen Kuyee Leadership Award Recipient. 2017-2018

Speaking to the camera is hard but I did it xoxo

“Urgen, you are such a blessing and inspiration. This award will touch a lot of lives and will motivate students to keep doing of what they do as a student leader. I’m so grateful to receive the very first Urgen Kuyee Leadership Award. Thank you Urgen!” – Johanna Ruth Gonzales.