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My brother and me, we launched a SaaS product called FlyerRoom in the real estate flyers niche. Our target market is real estate agents. Please help us spread the word. Are you a RE agent? You can use the code “off50 ” for 50% off. Or, if you know a RE agent in Canada, please let them know about FlyerRoom. You can also tell them to use the code “off50 ” for 50% off.

What is FlyerRoom?

To put it bluntly, FlyerRoom helps real estate agents to create beautiful flyers in just a few minutes. Real estate agents can browse 100+ easy-to-edit flyer templates online and select the style they like. FlyerRoom is simple and easy to use. Frankly, there should be no issue to edit the flyers and templates. Further, we will provide you with instant email support when you subscribe to our monthly or yearly plan. Again, you can use the code “off50 ” for 50% off here.

Urgen Kuyee

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